Abstract Lights


Brother and sister team Carly and Jared Mohan-Druce have always had  a passion for organising and events, things looking nice and lots of laughs.

Carly Mohan-Druce has spent over 15 years in the film and television  Art Derparment and construction creative world, with a keen eye for detail and a natural born killer instinct for organising things and events.

Jared Mohan-Druce has got his fingers in all the pies and is a champ net worker, meeting all walks of life. His passion of bringing people together for festive reasons and a bloody good times has lead him into organising gigs for the Feijoa Festival all over NZ.

Togther they've got the mixes for magic and helping anyone for any reason to have a good old kiwi get together.

Based both in Whangamata, Coromandel and Waitakere, West Auckland all of Entire Hires products will be avaliable based out of both locations.

Get in touch with them today for any event big or small, theyre pretty sure they can help you out!